How do I acquire insurance after completing the course?

It is advisable that you check with your insurer prior to attending the course that cover will be available for you to commence practice. Most larger insurance companies provide cover on production of certification.  I am fully insured as a training school to train practitioners in Dry Needling.   Occasionally you will need to provide a consent form to your insurer and this is included in the course pack

Will all areas of the body be covered?

This Dry Needling Course has been honed over 15 years to cover all areas of the body and during the weekend there is time available to cover all major joints, ie shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, knee, hip.  Also spinal points, neck, thoracics and lumber spine.  The course content allows you to treat a whole range of issues additional to trigger points – Electrotherapy & Tendinopathy is incorporated.   I utilise up to date neurophysiological ideas and modern focus on and understanding of pain.

What do I need to bring to the course and what is necessary for my own practice?

As course has been running since 2005 I provide a comprehensive and hugely detailed package of notes for ongoing reference and learning.  All equipment – needles, machines, plinths etc are supplied and provided on the course.  A supplier attends on the second day and you have the opportunity to pick up all the necessary materials, needles etc. These are sold at very competitive package price. You are certainly not obliged to pick these up on the day and you may want to shop around.

Why is the Advanced Course Scheduled for later date?

The initial two day dry needling course is very intensive and practical. On completion of that course you possess all the necessary qualifications and competence to commence utilising the technique. My experience as a tutor confirms it is most beneficial to add on additional expertise after 3-6 month of utilising core techniques.  The additional training time also provides valuable opportunity to address any queries you may have from initial course.