Dry Needling Course Days 1,2 & 3

Dry Needling Course Days 1,2 & 3

About Our Dry Needling Course

Learn and be trained by an expert tutor and educational professional who has provided Dry Needling Training since 2005.  I have run my own practice for over 20 years and have specialised in Dry Needling Training since 2005.

An intensive, comprehensive Dry Needling Course which has been honed over 15 years to cover all areas of the body.  The course content allows you to treat a whole range of issues additional to trigger points – Electrotherapy and Tendinopathy is incorporated.   I utilise up to date neurophysiological ideas and modern focus on and understanding of pain.

Immediately acquire a new modality of treatment which can be immediately used and implemented to effectively aid in improving a wide range of problems for your patients.  It is not necessary to bring any equipment or materials for the weekend – all needles and materials will be provided.  There is also a comprehensive notes pack with background and additional reading material provided.

Cost for the intensive 3 day course is 475 euros.

Course recognised by most major insurers.  Numbers are strictly limited to allow for the necessary clinical attention and practical support and meet CPD requirements.

Course outline

Neurophysiology of needling.

Pain and sensitization. Thorough review of contraindications and safety aspects and relevant anatomy.

  • Practical
  • Shoulder and neck
  • Elbow
  • Wrist & Hand
  • Spinal points and Psoas
  • Foot and ankle
  • Knee
  • Hip and pelvis
  • TMJ

Electroacupucture included in practical sessions.

Very comprehensive note pack supplied with research papers, detailed book content.


To introduce the therapist to the theoretical and practical skills required to apply needling in a safe and effective manner. General aims… course introduces student to…

  • The neurophysiology of dry needling.
  • The up to date physiology of pain pathways
  • Safety and contraindications.
  • Technique and application of needling to major joints and treatment protocols.

Specific learning outcomes

  • You Will…….
  • Be confident that you have received the highest degree of safety instruction.
  • Be aware of the contraindications and dangers of dry needling, and be very clear on what areas to avoid.
  • Be able to immediately utilise your new skills.
  • Understand the mechanics of how dry needling is effective.
  • Understand the basics of chronic pain and the ways in which pain pathways become sensitised and how nerve pain can be treated.
  • Understand how the endocrine and immune systems have roles in pain modulation.
  • Understand the up to date evidence base around needling for chronic pain and inflammatory conditions.
  • Be aware of and apply current best practice treatment for tendinopathies.
  • Have a practical technique for each joint and muscles acting on that joint.
  • Able to use electro needling safely and effectively.
  • Understand the neurological pathways that dry needling affects.
  • Revision of trigger point location and physiology.
  • Be able to locate and needle anatomical points in the wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee, hip, neck and lower back.


Tutoring for theory elements and supervision of practical training.  Careful emphasis on safety and patient care throughout the training.

Performance criteria

Certificate of attendance and specific supervision of point insertion.


“I completed the 2 day intensive  dry needling course with Michael, I can’t say how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. The standard of teaching was excellent, each technique explained and explained again if need be with no hesitation. Extensive theory materials such as up to date research papers were provided in a good sturdy file. The equipment provided for the practical sessions was of high standards and also never ending – whatever we needed, we were given. Including coffee and an excellent lunch on one of the days, free of charge, which is a first in my experience of attending courses.  I highly recommend Michael and his course, you will not be disappointed. I most definitely will be attending the advanced class in a few months time.  Michael, thank you so much, you have provided me with a new tool for my business and the confidence to apply my new skills on my clients.

Thomasina McGovern. September 2019

“Hello Mike, just wanted to thank you for an excellent weekend of learning.  I really enjoyed it and for the first time didn’t want it to end.  Your method of instruction was excellent and you answered every question comprehensively, sometimes more than once!  I was glad I received a recommendation for your course and will in turn recommend it to others” Wayne

“I have to say it is a great course and I am looking forward to the advanced course later in the year.  I’ve had excellent results already treating a member of staff here with frozen shoulder. After 15 minutes at least an 85% improvement in ROM and pain – I’ve never had a response like it.”Shane


Cost of course

Cost for the course is €475 with a €125 euro deposit required by way of deposit to secure place.

(Places are secured on a first come/ first served basis when deposits are received).

How to reserve a place

Please forward cheque /postal draft made payable to:

Mike Monaghan, 21 Mellifont Ave, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin or contact me for IBAN/BIC details.

A confirmation receipt will issue.

Registration takes place on Friday afternoons from 12.30

Course will run Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 5.pm.

Lunch each day from 1pm to 2pm

Details on accommodation locally can be provided if required.