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Dry Needling

Day 1, 2 & 3 of Course

I am the longest established and most experienced trainer – since 2005 I have run Dry Needling Courses in Ireland and the UK.  The Venue is my own Osteopathy clinic located in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.  This is an intensive, practical course in dry needling;  utilising up to date neurophysiological ideas. You will immediately acquire a new modality of treatment which can be used immediately to effectively improve a wide range of problems for your patients.  It is not necessary to bring any equipment or materials for the 3 days course – all needles, materials and reading/study matter will be provided. I am insured as a trainer.  Course recognised by most major insurers – Please check with your insurer re cover for utilising Dry Needling post course attendance.

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Dry Needling

Day 3 of Course

The 3rd day of course delivers up to date research and treatment.  Designed to provide the knowledge and practical skills to integrate needling into clinical practice for the management of the patient who presents with chronic pain and complex tendinopathies.

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Mobilisation & Manipulation of the Spine and Peripheral Joints

A course designed to acquire the skills to safely and effectively manipulate the spinal joints and junctions, covering the: CSP • TSP • LSP • SIJ
Additionally covering peripheral areas: ELBOW / WRIST / FOOT / KNEE / HIP

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Lower limb Orthopaedic and Neurological Assessment

A two day course designed to enhance your diagnostic skills. The key aim is to lead you to the point where you can confidently and safely decide whether to treat or refer the patient on. The Course covers special orthopaedic and neurological testing; how to look and screen for disc pathology and nerve related pain.

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Upper limb Orthopaedic and Neurological Assessment

A very comprehensive two day course designed to fine tune and enhances your assessment and diagnostic skills. Constructed to provide you with the ability to screen for neurological and orthopaedic issues that may require onward referral. The courses will provide you with the necessary postural analysis and special tests to create an effective and appropriate treatment plan.

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Orthotic Prescription and Lower limb Biomechanics

1 day course covering common biomechanical injuries and relevent anatomy. With practical sessions on orthotic prescription. Advice is aimed at picking the best devices on the market irrespective of the supplier.


Physiotherapists 3 Day Course

The course covers ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ combined over 21 hours.