Dry Needling Course – Day 3

Preliminary outline:

A three day Bio-medical dry needling course delivering up to date research and treatment. Designed to provide the knowledge and practical skills to integrate needling into clinical practice for the management of the athlete.

  • History of acupuncture
  • Neurophysiology of needling and pain(nociception)
  • Overtraining syndromes and delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • Improving performance homeostasis in sport ( Musculoskeletal,physiological and endocrine systems)
  • Prevention of chronic dysfunction, tissue degeneration and adhesions.
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety and the role of stress in tissue repair and function.
  • Recovery from fatigue underperforming syndromes (balancing the hormonal and endocrine systems).
  • Introduction to needles, contraindications and techniques.
  • Practical formulae for treatment for various conditions and stages..

Needling of facial points, Tmj, subscapularis, advanced pelvic and abdominal areas.

Learning Outcomes

  • Four phase tissue healing model and chemical processes.
  • The current evidence base in relation to how needling can facilitate progress through the healing phase.
  • Clinical reasoning in acute, sub-acute and chronic stages.
  • The practical role of needling in the acute stage of injury and uses in easing delayed healing.
  • An evidence based understanding of needling in restoring and preventing soft tissue dysfunction.
  • An understanding of the holistic use of needling in the management of emotional presentations in the athelete.
  • Practical component
  • Trigger point needling for recovery and treatment of doms, point selection in the management of pain and the stress response. Common sports injuries